Trauma Provider Level 3 Physicians


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We are not affiliated with ACS (American College of Surgeons). You will not be issued a certificate that says “ATLS”.  This program is administered by, the issuer of this program’s certificate reading “Trauma Level 3 Provider”.  If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact us at prior to purchase.

The Trauma Provider Level 3 online certification exam is our advanced level certification, typically completed by physicians. This first of its kind program, developed in 2010 for web-based learning, focuses on immediate patient management, assessment, stabilization, resuscitation, and in-hospital treatment. Clients receive their certification cards directly through National Certification Services and no other entity. Please review the curriculum by clicking the link below.

We are not affiliated with ENA, NAEMT, or ACS.

Trauma Provider Level 3 Curriculum